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About Mead Ranch

A Conservation Ethic

Mead cattle summer in the mountain pastures of western Wyoming, on hundreds of acres of land that is permanently protected under conservation easement. The Meads don't use hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and suspect that their cattle appreciate the splendor of the Tetons as much as the visitors and locals do! During the cold winter, Mead cattle winter on the Kirby ranch on hay harvested from their own pastures. The Meads work like protective midwives to bring spring calves safely into the world. Spent grains from Snake River Brewery and Wyoming Whiskey supplement the herd naturally. Rotational grazing practices ensure the optimal nutrient value of native grasses, and that nutrient load promotes the quality, health and flavor in Mead Ranch filets, steaks and lean hamburger. Sensitive areas of the ranch get rested from use, and the pristine nature of the ranch land is constantly monitored and stewarded .

Home on the Range

Frozen Mead Ranch Raw Beef Bones

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Frozen Mead Ranch Raw Beef Bones are an all- natural boredom fighter for your dog. Mead Ranch Raw Beef Bones also improve your pooch’s dental health by scraping away tartar and placque, are nutritional and provide minerals and nutrients that may be missing from your dog’s diet.
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